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Top 5 Mistakes RV Owners Make & How to Avoid Them

Are you an RV owner? Have you ever made a mistake while using it? I guess the answer is yes. But don’t panic, many RV owners tend to make a lot of mistakes unknowingly. Before putting your RV into practice you should, therefore, be aware of the mistakes you would probably do and how to avoid them.


The RVs have a number of sensitive types of equipment and physical parts that require careful assessment and care before you start using it. This includes the television antenna on the RV, air conditioner and not excluding the RV battery. Will be able to get you through some of the probable mistakes you can make as an RV owner and how you can avoid them. 



1. Not configuring your RV properly before traveling 

Many RV owners tend to hit the road without checking for any configuration technicalities. This is why you would notice some RVs on the road with the Television Antenna up waiting to hit anything on the way above it. This can come with expensive repair bills which could be a problem for you. 


The best way to avoid such a scenario, you should always go through your pre-travel checklist. Also, you should be used to inspecting the RV for any overlooked aspect that can surprise you when traveling.



2. Neglecting RV battery maintenance 

It is very easy for you to neglect to service your RV battery. This includes not charging the battery after it has been drained. Not doing this can lead to you having dead batteries. Battery maintenance should be an integral role for you when owning and using an RV.


Always check whether your battery needs any service before hitting the road or go camping. This includes checking of the acid level in the battery, testing and charging the discharged battery. 



3. Not able to match your tow vehicle to the RV 

Many RV owners tend to overlook the weight that comes with the RV. This has resulted in them getting tow vehicles that can’t be able to comfortably manage the weight of the RV. In order to successful tow your RV you should ensure that the tow vehicle weight match or exceed the RV for better performance.



4. Backing the RV without a spotter 

This has resulted in a number of RV hitting an obstacle that is not easily spotted while backing. This kind of accident can be fatal as well as destroying your RV. To avoid this you should always use a spotter or establish a signal that helps you when backing.



5. Not monitoring the height of your RV 

This can lead to damaging of the top areas of your RV. Most of the things that are you would probably not monitor include, the radio or TV antenna, and the air conditioner. To avoid hitting items above you during your travel, therefore you should measure the height of the RV and make it a guide for you while on the road.




As discussed, it is therefore easy for you to avoid these mistakes. Therefore, never take anything for granted while hitting the road with your RV. For more tips & tricks, we recommend you to visit who always updates their experiences.

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